I started working with improvising dancers on the Leeds scene around five years ago, primarily through a desire to stretch myself, and to learn from comparing my practice with that of improvisers in different media. What initially began as an exercise has turned into a fairly major plank of my work, and the Mathilde Improvised Music and Dance project, with dancers Marie Hallager Andersen, Daliah Toure and Rachel Dean, and woodwinds player Ollie Dover has been a constant project for a number of years now.

photo; Andy Newcombe

photo; Andy Newcombe

Bennett Cole Fairclough Trio

Laura Cole and I first started learning to play jazz at Sheffield Jazz Workshops under drummer Peter Fairclough, so it's a real honour for both of us to be playing in this co-operative trio with him. It's a very new group, having got together in the autumn of 2013, but we hope to move it forward through 2014. You can hear a live recording of the group here.

photo; Greg Adams

I set up Nut Club with drummer John Arnesen and saxophonist Ollie Dover at the beginning of 2013, because I wanted to have a band that could workshop ideas for new tunes together, and could take their time over developing new material and a group aesthetic. We fit loosely into the mould of a jazz band, but play mostly original material with an emphasis on groove; I wanted to explore my idea of jazz as a dance music. Even in its most avant-garde manifestations I still hear dance rhythms in free jazz and free improvisation. We've played regularly over the last year, and recently made a recording. At the time of writing, its not mixed yet, but will be available soon.

Bennett - Cole Orchestra

I formed the Bennett - Cole Orchestra with composer and pianist Laura Cole in 2011, as an outlet for our desires to compose for a larger ensemble. The initial idea was to have a band made up of quartets: a string quartet, a brass quartet, a saxophone quartet, and a rhythm section. Line up has fluctuated since then, according to the availability of players, but we seem to have stabilised at around 18 musicians. You can listen to the orchestra here.

Nut Club

photo; Andy Newcombe

Vulliamy, Murray, Bennett Trio

I've been playing with Violist Aby Vulliamy and trombonist George Murray for two years now; they are welcome additions to life in Shipley, having relocated from Glasgow recently. While in Glasgow, they both played in Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and The One Ensemble, as well as numerous other bands on the Glasgow scene. Weplay mostly free music, with the odd stab at composition.

This page has details of projects I am involved in as a leader or co-leader.

photo; Andy Newcombe

Seth Bennett


7 Hertz

7 Hertz began in Lucy Frankel's front room in Leeds 6 in 2003. She gathered a bassoonist, a horn player, a clarinetist, two fiddles and me, fed us curry and wine, and had us jam. Gradually, we developed a way of playing, and started gigging our blend of eastern European folk, Jazz, Contemporary Classical and free music. Initially, we played completely free, but as things went on we introduced composition into the mix. As we went along, we shed members, until we stabilised as a quartet, me, Helen Baines (clarinets), Yvonna Magda (violin), and Lucy (violin and vocals). In 2008 we released an album on Birdwar entitled "Tender, almost vulgar", which you can read about here -, and listen to here - Shortly after we released the album, Lucy left us to move to Hungary, and the band was reduced to a trio, the form in which we currently work.