This page has some moving and non-moving pictures of me on it.

I've been doing a duo woth 'Cellist Alice Eldridge for a while now, called 'Duot'. Here we are at Mopomoso at The Vortex in London.

Johnny Hunter and his brother Anton run an Improvisation open session in Manchester called the Noise Upstairs. Here I am playing at it, with Johnny (drumkit) and Sam Andreae (tenor)

I've been lucky enough to play for Mary Hampton for the last few years; here's a tune of hers, with Alice Eldridge on 'cello, Jo Burke on fiddle and vocals, and Al Strachan on cornet.

A gig I did in Manchester with Corey Mwamba (vibes) and Sam Andreae (tenor)

Video of a trio I do with violist Aby Vulliamy, and trombonist George Murray

Seth Bennett